Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moved & sick
I have to say, I think this move was the most difficult for us out of all of the moves we've ever done. The move from Vegas to Portland with two dogs was almost cake compared to this. The move from Portland to Denver wasn't even difficult. And the move to our small town, while a hellish experience, still didn't top this. Moving when everyone is sick with the flu sucks. A lot.

On Sunday morning we started packing a few boxes before Bill met his co-workers to pack up the moving truck. I was lightheaded, dizzy, nauseas & almost passed out quite a few times. A couple of times when I lost the feeling in my arms & face & felt my legs go weak, I thought for sure I was going to end up on the floor. Bill wasn't much better either, but still had to pack up the house anyway.

Logan & I hung out at the new house & waited for the cable guy while Bill & his crew moved our furniture. They packed up about 90% of the house & got us all moved in. If it weren't for those guys, we would have been utterly screwed. There are just a few odds & ends that we have to go back & get the rest of the days this week, but for the most part, we're finished. Hallelujah.

Bill was able to go back to work on Monday after staying home sick since Wednesday. He got a really bad case of the flu, complete with high temp, body aches & the whole nine yards. I got something that made my lungs burn when I breathed in. Bronchitis or something like that. And now, Logan is sick. He woke up a few times crying in the middle of the night. Then when Bill went in to go wake him up, he got up saying "sick" & shaking a bit. We took his temperature & he's running about 101 right now. Needless to say, we're staying home from preschool.

Not only does he have a fever, but he has a runny nose & he is completely exhausted. Never in his life has he fallen asleep anywhere other than his bed & right now he's passed out on the couch with a fleece blanket & a cuddle cat at his feet. I hope he recovers soon, because between Bill & I being too sick to do anything, I feel really bad for all of the TV & non-activity that's been going on here. Logan really needs some playtime outside of the house.

But, we're in our new house, which is great & everyone is happy that we're here. Logan loves his new room & all of the space he has to run around freely. The animals are very, very happy with Kitty cuddling & purring more than she ever has before. The fact that everyone can stretch out with extra breathing room is a huge bonus & it's making everyone so much more comfortable. The first night we were here, it already felt like home.


Liz said...

Crap! I was hoping you all had recovered.

But welcome to your new home. Where you can lay about and recuperate.

Dawn B said...

Aww I'm so glad that you guys moved and that's all over with. I hope you all get better real quick! And chances are, you will. =)

Erin said...

It has to be such a relief to be in your new home. It has to be so nice to be able to spread out!

I hope you're all better soon!