Saturday, February 02, 2008

Birthday party extravaganza
Whew! It's all over & done with & boy, was it crazy. I planned on getting most everything ready the night before, but I was too sick to really do anything. I got the gift bags together & that was it. I went to bed with the house looking like a disaster & no food ready for the morning either.

I woke up at 6:00am after hitting the snooze button a few times. Logan was up, so I had to get ready to start cooking & cleaning while he watched Cars. I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting, blackberry muffins, sausage-hash brown casserole (Bill made this) & then I had a fruit tray, orange juice, apple juice boxes for the kids, coffee & then I ran out of time to make homemade hot chocolate (bummer). Photographer friend was a big help & picked up some bagels & cream cheese for me, too. We had quite the spread.

After cooking & cleaning the house like a crazy person, I jumped in the shower to get ready, fixed Logan's hair & then our first guest arrived. From the original 17 person guest list, 10 were able to RSVP & make it. It was still a big group for our little house, but we made due with people spreading out & playing with the kids in the kitchen.

We ate, laughed & opened presents. I tried to get pictures of Logan, but our camera sucks. It's too slow & I never get a good shot. One of the moms in our playgroup offered to try & get some pictures while I wrote down which gifts were from who. She got a few good ones that were much better than I got. I was so thankful for that.

After being squished in our house for an hour & a half, we got the kids dressed & drove to a nearby park. The original plan was to go sledding & build snowmen. Well, all of our snow has melted, so we just went to the park to play anyway. It was really cold, but the kids still had fun. After being out there for 45 minutes, we were all ready to go home & warm up. Logan was having so much fun, he didn't want to leave despite his fingers looking like red icicles.

It was a great second birthday party & I was VERY thankful that I felt well enough to get everything ready in the morning & actually enjoy the party. I ate food (I hadn't had anything to eat in 2 days) & actually felt pretty good despite the fact. Logan had a great time playing with his friends & opening his presents, too. Oh. And he really enjoyed the food as well. I'm so glad it turned out to be such a great party!

After the party eating his "cake-cake"

This is a video of Logan blowing out his candle & eating his cupcake. Pay no attention to the annoying mom voice


Jezer said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!! And Happy Momiversary to you!

I'm so impressed that Logan eats the actual cake part of a cupcake--Alex thinks the icing is the *cake* and that the rest is just there to hold the icing up.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Logan.Glad you had a good day.

Wendy said...

Love it!! The video of him is adorable:} Glad that you had such a nice day!!

Erin said...

I'm glad everything went so well! Sounds like an awesome birthday!!