Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Selective listening
I can't count how many times I tell Logan to do something or not do something. I feel like a broken record. But he definitely has selective hearing & today was the proof in the pudding.

This morning we ran an errand to the bank to deposit some checks. Logan was running around while I dug through the diaper bag to find my wallet. Come to find out, I left it at home. I was trying to wrangle him so we could go back home, but the front teller stopped me to see what she could do to help me. Turns out that she could deposit my checks without any ID or account information. Awesome.

While we were taking care of the transaction, Logan started to play with the mini-blinds. I told him sternly that he knows better than that & he's not supposed to play with blinds. I then reminded him that we were going to get "special juice" (smoothies) afterward & if he wasn't going to behave, then we wouldn't get them. That got him back in line pretty quick. I felt kind bad because we would have to go home & get my wallet before going to get smoothies, so he would have to wait a little bit longer. That didn't matter to him. Once we got in the car, he talked about "juice" the whole ride, as if he was reminding me that we needed to go get smoothies.

So, how come I have to tell him a million times in one hour to stop teasing Buddha or stop this, don't do that, come here, go over there, blah, blah, blah, but after telling him about "special juice" once, he never forgets & he certainly won't let me forget. I wish he listened like that all the time. It would save both of us a whole lot of grief.

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Mof2 said...

I haven't commented or read in a million years...So congrats on your new house and your pregnancy. Wow, Logan is getting so big!