Saturday, February 09, 2008

Therapy cat
In my last pregnancy, I noticed how much more cuddly Kitty was with me. She's a cuddle cat to begin with, but during pregnancy, she's glued to me like white on rice. It's both kind of annoying & super cute.

She's doing the same thing this pregnancy, taking naps with me, purring on my lap while I'm on the computer, never leaving my side. She even meows to get my attention if I'm doing something (like typing) other than petting her. If that doesn't work she reaches up, stretching out her leg (arm?) & touches my cheek with her paw.

It's kind of strange how she can tell I'm pregnant almost instantly & how she tries to comfort me while I'm sick. She really is a therapy cat. There's almost nothing better than laying on the couch with a purring cat spooning your stomach. The vibration that comes from her is very soothing.

Now if she would just stay put at night rather than walking all over my head at 1am.


Erin said...

My cat did the same thing! It's amazing how sensitive to our conditions they are. My cat almost NEVER sits on my lap but while I was pregnant she was constantly draped over my belly or paw pawing at my stomach! Even now, if I'm really sick one day she hardly leaves my side. :)

Dawn B said...

Cats are pretty cool...our cat that we had at the time did the same thing too. lol
She knew before I did that I was pregnant with our first.

Tonia said...

My cat is the same way and she NEVER cuddles on a regular basis.

ReDinkyDink said...

Funny - my cat as wanted nothing to do with me since I got pregnant with Lilly almost three years ago!