Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A quick study
In the last few weeks, Logan has started cleaning up after himself when he's finished eating. He used to tell us that he was "all done" (sounds more like "Duh, Duh!" while still using the signs) & then waited for us to clean him up & clean off the table.

Now, he finishes his meal, gets out of his chair & takes his plate to the sink. He reaches up as far as he can & slides all of the dirty dishes in & then waits for us to wipe off his hands & face. I've never once told him that he needed to clean up after himself. It was just something I automatically did for him & expected that I would be doing this for him for a little while longer.

I'm very impressed that he knows to put his dirty dishes in the sink, all by himself - without having to be told or reminded. Almost 30 years into life, Bill is still catching on to this concept.


Metamorphosis said...

Too funny. I would love to see him do this. Sometimes it blows living so far away. He is growing so fast!

angie said...

Ava puts her dishes in the sink too without being told. It's fun watching them do things they see us do all the time!

Rebecca said...

Could you send him over to my house and have him teach ANYONE here how to do that?