Monday, February 11, 2008

Two is busy
This morning Little M came over for the day because photographer friend was coming back from a trip & her husband had to work. We were very happy to have her over as she & Logan get along very well. So well, in fact, that they pretty much entertain themselves & I just have to make sure the house doesn't burn down.

They ran around in circles screaming, ran up & down the stairs a million times, threw stuffed animals off the second floor into the living room, danced different dances (this part was hysterical), read books to each other, sang songs, colored, ate snacks & lunch & then it was Logan's nap time. Little M doesn't always take a nap since she's older & growing out of it, so we got to hang out on the couch for some quiet time while Logan slept.

After her Dad came to pick her up, I realized that after the baby is born & we have two kids running around the house, not only will it be busy, but it will be noisy. And not just screaming & tantrums, but the sound of two kids playing, constantly talking & just doing stuff.

I can't wait.

I can't wait for Logan to be a big brother, to have a sibling to share life with & although he may not always be nice & share his toys, he'll have someone to hang out with on boring afternoons. Not that Logan is socially deprived, but seeing him play & interact with other kids & having so much fun really makes me so happy for him. There is pure joy on his face. I hope he feels this way when he plays with his little brother or sister, too.


Dawn B said...

yeah, it's gonna be awesome. It took James a bit of time to get used to his little sister, but he was alot younger than Logan's age when we had her. Now James is in love with the attention he gets from her.. and he realizes now that she's an actual person. LOL It's the neatest thing for Logan to have a playmate and best friend for life. And this probably sounds silly..but it'll even help mature him when he's older and is protective of his little sister. =)

girl from florida said...

ohhhhhhhh this makes me want another!!