Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I should have thought ahead
This afternoon was another workout day with my friend. It was an intense day with very little talking. We had a great time, but you know that when the conversation is at a minimum, you're getting your butt kicked.

After the workout, I bent over to pick Logan up. I could barely hold him because my arms were so tired & already sore. This is where I should have thought ahead. In the next two days, picking him up is going to be a tough job. I think I might have to hold his hand to walk him through the baby gates rather than pick him to lift him over. I might have to do diaper changes on the floor instead of on the changing table. This way the only time I'll absolutely have to pick him up will be to get him in bed & in his high chair. Good grief.


Jake Silver said...

When I injured my chest, this is how it was for me for many weeks.

Kristin said...

That sucks. Fortunately, I'm not in pain, just fatigued. When I increased my weight, I never thought about how much I lift Logan during the day. It's the right amount of weight I should be lifting, but now I have to figure out how to get around lugging a 22lb kiddo (who honestly, can get around by himself just fine & this is probably a good lesson for me in letting him be more independent.)

Lizzy said...