Thursday, May 10, 2007

When Mom's away, The Boys will play
This afternoon I was at the gym to workout with/train my friend while Bill stayed home with Logan on his lunch hour. Almost two hours later, I come home dead tired & dragging my fatigued butt & legs through the door.

"Hey. I just put him down for a nap", Bill says as I shut the front door. "I wore him out. Big time".

"Really?", I reply. "I was wondering about that because he just woke up from his morning nap when I was getting ready to leave for the gym. What did you two do?"

Very nonchalantly he tells me, "We took all of the coupons that came in the mail & threw them all over the floor. Then we ran around in them & laughed because they were sticking to our feet. That huge grocery bag up there is full of them. We had fun."

"Um. Sure sounds like it. This is why he gets all excited when you come home from work. You do crazy stuff like this with him. I'm just boring ol' Mom".

Seriously. Who does this? Running around the living room littered in coupons? My husband & my son. That's who.


erica said...

LOL awesome!! Hey but at least he was all worn out right?

Tagged you when you get a minute!

Anonymous said...

Jesse comes up with some weird things to do with Ava too - which she of course loves.

Oh! I thought about you today when I went to the gym. Each leg seriously weighs about 100 pounds now. I've commenced "Operation Shorts for the Summer" as Jesse called it. And boy do I need it!

Tonia said...

I think husbands are good at doing silly stuff that wears them out, Tony always is finding stuff that I would never think of!

Anonymous said...

My husband and sons, too. You are not alone.

Lizzy said...

Dude, Bill and The Mistah are so cut from the same cloth.

Right now, his favorite game is the pre-dinner Hop on Pop session in which Henry climbs over Poppa lying on the floor...over and over and over again. They think it's hysterical.

I agree with Tonya, husbands are always good at this stuff. We call it the Disney Dad syndrome. No matter what you do as a mother, the Daddy will always get the last laugh. Mostly because we're there ALL day EVERY day. And in most cases, Dad comes home and it's like Brand. New. Good. Times.

Erin said...

My husband is gone so much, I get to be the mommy and daddy to Hailey I guess. I do silly crap with her like that all the time, as well as all the routine day to day stuff. When I check the mail, I give her all the junk mail to play with. And when I'm looking at the ads on Sundays from the paper I give them to her after I'm done for her to fill the living room floor with. I guess that's how my mom raised me too though...and she was a single mom. Don't think you're boring ol' mom, he loves you to pieces and has a lot of fun with you! It's great for him to have a different relationship w/ you and Bill. I never had that, and it's really good for kids. I'm hoping once D gets out of school, he and Hailey can have their own special bond and special things to do together too. And it won't be so much on me to fulfill ALL her needs, emotional and physical. I love it, but she needs that "daddy" time like you're talking about.