Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time to jump back on the wagon
This afternoon we were at playgroup. It was fun, the moms chatted about typical moms stuff; time outs, the fun moms night out, potty training, etc. The kids were playing happily clinging onto sack cups & sippy cups.

Logan was his cute little self & only had one time out for throwing a very large toy that almost hit Little L in the head. Everyone was impressed that he sat in the corner knowing that he was in trouble. Shortly after Logan got out, Little L went in for disobeying her mother. Playgroups are quickly becoming a two hour "learning session" for the kids. Learning about not throwing toys, the importance of sharing, using inside voices & the like.

One thing I learned today is that Logan is a quick study. Not only does he know about time out & how it works, but he showed me that he's catching up on communication. About a half hour before we were "scheduled" to leave, he starts walking around signing "bye-bye". I was pleasantly surprised & asked him if he was sure. He ran off playing a little bit more & 15 minutes later, comes back signing "bye-bye" again. I asked him if he was ready to get his shoes on (he instantly knows we're going somewhere when asked this question) & he walked up to the diaper bag & pointed to his shoes that were inside. I sat him on the chair & put his shoes on. He was ready to go.

So, as Logan is learning about appropriate behavior & communication, I'm learning that I need to step up to the plate & help him out a little more. It's time get back to signing again, which I'm sure will cut down the temper tantrums a whole lot too.


Anonymous said...

Ava has been picking up on signing a lot lately. Her brain is just eating it up! She knows about 15 different ones now. And it has helped a lot in the tantrum department because I know what she wants.

Not only has it been fun teaching Ava the signs but I've enjoyed learning myself and can say a few sentences now from start to finish (ex. "Are you thirsty? Want some water?")

Check out Born 2 Sign to see videos of different signs. It helps you get a better visualization for what they're supposed to look like vs. just a picture in a book.

Liz said...

Wow, that's amazing. Isn't it crazy how it all just clicks for them?
I wish that I were more...I don't know, dedicated? to teaching Henry signs. We do the basic signs for cup, gentle, milk, etc... sometimes I don't know if he gets it or not?

Erin said...

Isn't it great when they start communicating like this?? I love being able to communicate with Hailey now. We don't do the signing, but she picks up new words every day, I love it. It's so neat to see them grow into little kids from babies!! Logan sounds like he's doing great! Impressive that he new it was almost time to go.

Anonymous said...
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