Thursday, May 03, 2007

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.
During my recent bouts of insomnia, I've been wasting time surfing sites at the computer. I was running out of places to go & ended up on MySpace. Now, I don't have a MySpace page. Well, we do, but it's just a fake login to check up on my sisters, as they all have pages. So there isn't a profile on ours, no pictures, just a random, lame & dorky name.

Last week I was searching profiles of people I went to High School with. Bill & I did this a while back & found a few of our best friends that we had lost contact with over the years. Seeing as though we already did the High School searches, I wasn't expecting to find anyone. Just waste time. Boy, was I wrong. I went to two different High Schools. One in Utah for my freshman year & then moved to Vegas my Sophomore year. I already found my best friends from Salt Lake (or some of them, one I still can't find), but I never was able to find my friends from Vegas. Until last week, that is.

As I was surfing I came across one of my friends profiles (actually two friends). I nearly fell off my chair. I lost contact with my friends after I left The Church. It was a crazy situation & I hadn't talked to them since my Senior year. We had great times together, running around town taking pictures of ourselves with these creepy bronze statues that are all over the neighborhood, hanging out at the smoothie shop that I worked at & having fun on the winter trip to Brian Head with the ski & snowboarding club. I lost contact with them, but thought about what they might be doing for the last 10 years. When I saw my friends profile, I had to email her.

We emailed huge long emails about our lives over the last 10 years (there's a lot that happens in that span of time). One forwarded the email to another friend & we emailed back & forth for a while. It was nice to catch up with them, explain the details of what went down when I left (they didn't know what happened) & see what their lives are like now.

This was one time that I was very thankful that I couldn't sleep & astounded at what can happen through the marvels of MySpace & the internet.


erica said...

Wow.. spooky that we both wrote about this type of thing on the same day... If you ever decide to get yourself a legit myspace profile, let me know :)

Erin said...

The same sort of thing happened to me when I got a MySpace profile...I did it at first to keep in touch with my sister and in-town friends better, and I ended up finding people that live in the state I used to live in years ago that I hadn't talked to since I moved! It's a really great way to keep in touch with people. As erica said, if you ever get a legit profile, let me know! :o)