Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Logan's first girlfriend
We were all feeling well enough today to make it to playgroup. I was thrilled about this because Logan has been Mr. Fussy Fuss lately (with being sick, teething & being a toddler all in one), so I couldn't wait to get out of the house. We had an exterminator come over to spray this morning & while we were out, Logan got cranky. I wasn't sure how long he would last at playgroup, but we were still going regardless.

He was a grump when we were driving over there & continued to pout as we were walking up to the front door. We rang the doorbell & his friend Little L answered the door with a cute smile. Logan was ready to play & forgot about being grumpy.

The kids ran around, shared snacks & played while the moms talked "shop". It's funny how all of us are frustrated with our kids throwing food & exasperated by the task of getting rid of the binky (which no one has been successful at, yet). As we were talking, Logan & Little L were chasing each other around the kitchen, laughing & giggling. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. They were having so much fun together. Little L ever tried to show Logan how to do somersaults on the floor.

Little L was constantly giving Logan hugs & he didn't shrink back in horror. He stood there (a good few inches shorter than she) & smiled. I was just amazed at how well they were playing together. It's not like they never got along, I mean, this is the little girl that we baby sat for Valentines Day & we had a lot of fun together. Logan was nice & shared all of his toys. But I thought that kids at this age didn't actually "play" together. I thought they were more apt to parallel play. So it was a shocker, but oh. so. freakin'. cute.

I picked up Bill from work so we could do the car switch & told him about how playgroup went. "Awww, Logan has his first girlfriend", he said. "Oh my God! He does! He's only a year old! That little charmer...", I said almost driving off the road realizing how funny that is saying he has a "girlfriend".


Anonymous said...

Yep, and my youngest got 'married' ant 3 1/2. Little kids are funny :-)

Wendy said...

Aww! That's so sweet! He's a cutie so I can see why the ladies like him:o)

stefanierj said...

Other moms were one of my favorite things about being a SAHM. And FWIW, we *still* haven't given up the binky...cringe. But it's good for everyone to get out a bit and talk to other people! :)