Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well, this is another first for the books.
This morning we headed out to the grocery store. Grocery shopping is by far one of our favorite "chores". It's so fun to go & pick out delicious foods. This week was especially exciting because Bison is on sale (which is usually so outrageously priced, you would have to pay an arm & a leg for it). We try to go on "double savings day" where we can take advantage of the previous weeks sales & the current weeks sales. So, we love it not only because it's fun (& yeah, I feel like a total dork saying it's fun) but we feel so productive & shopping savvy.

Anyway, Logan didn't go down for his morning nap. He's still on this funky "I'll sleep whenever I want to" schedule, so I'm still having a hard time figuring out what days are one nap days & what days are two nap days. It's been funny talking about it with the moms in MOMS Club because they all lament, "Oh, Little L did that too. Logan is totally transitioning. It took Little L two months to get back on schedule". It's funny because while moms (& especially the moms in my MOMS Club) are supportive, there's always a sharing of battle stories. "Oh, you think this is bad, just wait until this happens"! I'm so to blame for pulling this too, especially with my sister & Baby M.

But, I digress...

Logan skipped his nap & we decided to risk it & go to the store anyway. We had a bunch of places we were going to shop at, but decided to just go grocery shopping & get back home quickly. Bill commented that Logan was turning into a grump as I was getting him in his car seat.

We got to the store, put Logan in the cart & walked through the door. Right at the entrance, they had a bunch of oranges displayed on sale. I parked Logan by the oranges, turned around to grab a plastic bag & noticed that he was reaching for an orange on the bottom of the pile. "Logan, don't grab the oranges", was all I said. You would have thought I told him that Buddha died given the reaction that started. He cried & cried & cried like it was the end of the world. It immediately occurred to me that this was a massive melt down & to respond ASAP.

I picked him up out of the cart. He continued to cry. I rummaged through the diaper bag to find a binky, which I only bring with "in case of an emergency". This qualified as an emergency. He still cried. I took him outside & he calmed down after minute. I thought things were cool & we walked back in the store, only to go into a second meltdown. I took him back outside. We did this three times.

This was frustrating. We tried to figure out a solution; Bill shopping for the meat (that's his job at the store) while I waited outside with Logan & then swapped so I could shop for the produce (that's my job). But we decided to retreat & come home so Logan could nap, then go back later.

So, wow. Our first time with a massive meltdown at the grocery store that moved us to up & leave. Aren't moments like this a badge on honor for parents?


Wendy said...

lol! Wesley used to get so over stimulated in the grocery store! It was pure hell! Now, he just has to touch EVERYTHING! At least one product gets knocked off the shelf! Lani is good as long as she has a balloon! I just return it before we leave!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.. I've had those days. Everytime I'd put something in the cart Ava would have a complete meltdown and scream for it.

I've also done what your poster above said - Ava plays with a balloon from the floral section and I return it before we head home.

Liz said...

I totally caught Henry reaching from his stroller for various items in the grocery store. I think it's less about the orange (or whatever), and more about the sensory experience. But still... you CANNOT grab that lady's dress and yank!

The Bents said...

I totally understand!!! With the new baby here now, James has been having quite a bit of meltdowns lately, we're thinking due to him trying to get used to all of the changes going on with the baby and all. Anyways... he had an "episode" at the grocery store a few weeks ago when we wouldn't buy him a toy truck there. That sucked. LOL

Jake Silver said...

Tate is usually pretty good... these days he is on a strict schedule. Up at 8:30am, breakfast, lunch by 11:30, nap until 2 or 3, dinner by 6, bath by 7, bed by 8. It takes A LOT of work for us to organize our lives around this, but it's working out great.