Friday, May 18, 2007

Ummm, well....
So is everyone tired of reading about toddler temper tantrums? Because I'm tired of writing about it, but that's all that seems to be going on right now. This afternoon we went to my photographer/training client's house to take some studio pictures of Logan. I styled his hair into his cute fauxhawk & brought all sorts of clothes & props.

Without going into long drawn out detail, there was lots of screaming & throwing of fits. It was exhausting. I think she got about 3 good pictures out of maybe 50. She'll have the gallery up for us to look at by Tuesday. We've already talked about trying again & seeing if we can catch him on a day when he's in a better mood. But on a positive note, the pictures that were good, were great. She was able to catch some super cute smiles in between the screams.

On top of Logan's wonderful behavior, I'm a little stressed out. There's the possibility that I'll have to host the first meeting for the babysitting co-op. This is all fine & dandy, but I counted the members who've signed up so far...16 moms, not counting their kids. Our house is small & I don't think we could fit more than five moms with kids. But, I'll find a way to make it happen. Maybe we could all hang out in the back yard or something. The positive note on this? It gives me an excuse to bake something totally delicious.

Then, there's Memorial Day weekend. I. am. super. stressed. about. this. When Bill talked to his mom & had The Conversation, she said that she wanted to "get all of this put behind her". She hasn't called or emailed me to apologize for attempting to cut me out of my own family & make me stay at home while everyone celebrates Logan's first Christmas without me (& the rest of the crap that she pulled). I wasn't holding my breath for this, but I was hoping for it. No such luck. Not only is she full of BS by saying that she wants to get this behind her & does nothing about it, but Bill has talked to Aunt Ju-Ju to see if we could meet & talk before we have the Memorial Day barbecue at their house. She refuses. I feel like I'm walking into the lions den. I'm still trying to find the positive in this one.


Wendy said...

I hope that all goes well for you next weekend! So sorry that you are already feeling anxious about it.

Tonia said...

I went back and read some on your in-laws and it is amazing how similar our situations are! I think yours is a little more severe than mine and more confrontations have taken place with yours but we are well on our way! The only reason I don't share it on my blog is because they read it. I have had the same boundary issues. Commenting on breastfeeding, taking offense to everything I say, getting mad cause I leave them a schedule for Rece when he was 2 months old, making comments about the foods I don't want him to have or how late I start babyfood!! My first mothers day was supposed to be all about her didn't you know???!!! Oh I could go on. And why is it that people think that just because she is a grandma she should be able to do whatever she wants! My mom is able to "spoil him" and spend time and all that while still abiding by my rules with no problem! Sorry to vent here :)

Clarissa said...

Kristin, I have been reading your blog for a long time(came from the DWIL board) and I have to say, I don't think you will ever get an apology out of your mother-in-law. I also don't think you will get a satisfactory discussion from her either. She is just too stubborn. I have a FIL just the same way. Be thankful she lives out of town and you only have to see her in small doses. I do hope that she is decent this weekend and that this is truly a new start. You never know! Maybe she's scared of you now -- she knows now that if she tries to make hubby choose, he's not gonna choose her -- so will be on her best behavior :) Good luck!

Kristin said...

OK, so it's taken me forever to respond!

Tonia- Venting is all good. I've found that if I don't, I could go postal & that wouldn't be pretty. I'm sorry to hear that you have crappy IL's too. At least we can commiserate together!

Clarissa- Thanks! You are 100% right that I will never get an apology or even a decent conversation about the whole situation. This is something that I hope for, but I have to let it go. I'm sure you'll be seeing some posts over at DWIL's.