Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Wednesday?
What happened to Tuesday? The holiday hustle & bustle along with all of the other stuff that's going on has totally screwed up my internal calender. It feels like Monday, still. But then, isn't it Friday, yet?

After the interview with the reporter on Monday, I went out to dinner with some friends (massage friend, photographer friend & another board member friend). We went out for some mexican food & margaritas. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. Seriously. Massage friend cracked a once in a lifetime joke that had me laughing so hard I couldn't breath. I was crying, dabbing the corners of my eyes with my napkin. We laughed the whole night for hours & hours. It was a much needed night for all of us. We've been dealing with more Momma Drama where playgroup Nazi ended up making a scene & resorted to name calling via email after she stepped down from her position. There was a lot of people getting riled up & it was almost out of control. This margarita night was a sanity saver for us.

Tuesday was spent at home in our PJ's. Logan was still sick & we had a lot going on, but ended up canceling everything. Another one of the playgroup moms was going to start training with me that morning at a new gym that Bill & I are going to join (that ought to be interesting) & then we were going to go to our annual cookie exchange. I was so bummed that I had to miss out on that. Logan & his boogery nose watched SpongeBob all day while I got all of our Christmas Cards together. It took me all day to get them addressed & I had to have my photographer friend (who custom designed our cards for us) order another set because we ran out. Apparently we've made quite a few more friends since Logan's been born.

Add in some business stuff in the mix & no wonder I didn't have time to shower. I feel totally wiped out after going to playgroup this morning (where we finally put everything to rest) & Logan being a pill & not listening at all. We still have to get our Christmas tree up & decorated, go shopping & I have to get ready for Bill's company Christmas party at the end of the week. I'm about ready to hibernate.

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