Monday, December 17, 2007

Tot Bowling!
This morning Logan went bowling for the first time. It was an activity on The Club calender & after hearing from photographer friend that Logan wasn't too small, we decided to give it a shot. There were only a few others who showed up so it was a perfect sized group, most of them being Logan's good friends.

Our lanes were set up with bumpers & a ramp for the kids to roll the ball down. Logan had so much fun. He never wanted to carry the ball to the ramp (6 lb bowling ball that he could have carried), but he sure did want to push it down the ramp. He stood there mesmerized, watching the ball roll down the lane & hit the pins. He would smile & clap with pride when his turn was over.
He lasted for about 5 or 8 frames then got bored & took a raisin snack break. He also found beef jerky on the floor & tried to eat that (why is he still trying to eat crap off the floor?). When he totally checked out of blowing, he quickly found the video arcade & was sucked into the driving game like a moth to a flame. He "played" the game for a while until I said it was time to go & he promptly threw a fit, rolling around on the dirty floor, kicking & screaming so hard I though he was going to toss his raisins. I just walked away & let him get covered in filth & scream it out.

Finally he calmed down & we were about to walk out to the car when he refused to hold my hand in the parking lot. I picked him up & carried him to the car where again he freaked out like I was beating him to death. I got him in his car seat while photographer friend, another friend & I stood around & talked for about 5 minutes. "Wow. your car is really sound proof", one friend said as we stood there watching Logan scream at the top of his lungs in complete silence.

So, the morning started out great & we had a ton of fun & then it all went to hell at lunch time. Logan actually went down for a nap without lunch because he tried to throw his entire bowl of mac n' cheese & peas on the floor in another fit. Fortunately, I caught it just in time & sent him to bed without lunch. I hope he wakes up in a better mood & we get back to having fun like we did earlier. But bowling was a blast, nonetheless!

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