Friday, December 21, 2007

Things are busy over here & will be for a little while as we get ready for Christmas, baking cookies & preparing for the visit from the family. These were things that have happened over the last few days & I just had to post them so I wouldn't forget.

Logan had become an early bird, waking up at the crack of dawn. Bill gets up with him around 6am (sometimes earlier) & they hang out & let me sleep in. When it's time to wake me up, Logan comes into our room & hands me my glasses from the night stand. This is just too cute for words.

We're dog sitting for one of Bill's coworkers over Christmas week. Logan loves to watch him & calls his name (screams his name) all day long. "MACK! MACK! MACK! MACK!" Mack has a dog bowl next to Buddhas that has blue paw prints around the rim & a big paw print on the bottom of the bowl. Logan saw this & the first thing he says is, "Blues Clues!" I almost died laughing, it was so funny.

And last but not least, Logan is singing "sentences" now. He sings the Go Get Daddy Song when we get ready to pick Bill up from work. "We're going to go get daddy" is chanted over & over while he sways back & forth. When he sings it, it sounds more like, "Gonna Daddy! Gonna Gt Daddy!" He sang Ring Around the Rosies last night, too. Twirling around in circles, "Ashes, down! Ashes, Ashes fall down!" I screamed at Bill who was sitting 2 feet away from me. "Did you hear that!!!!! He sang a sentence!!!!"

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Jaime said...

He sounds like such a cutie and is growing so fast!

I hope you have a wonderful christmas together. Speaking of, I have a favor. I'm dealing with more Mom issues and made a blog about it. Can I pretty please get your opinion (it's the Momma Drama post)? The last time you really helped!