Monday, December 10, 2007

I have so much hope
This afternoon the reporter & her camera person came by the house to film the piece for the news story on our lawsuit. We sat at my kitchen table & talked about the issue on film. Logan has been sick for the last few days, so he was napping while all of this went on. I was hooked up on a microphone, just like when I was on the reality TV show with my photographer friend. Kitty was jumping all round the house & I'm sure she's in a few shots.

The reporter was just so bothered by all of this that we're going through & couldn't understand how all of this happened. Yeah. Me neither. As we kept talking about it, she said something to the effect of "this must be hard" or something like that. That brought on the water works. Yes, it is hard indeed & now all of Colorado is going to see me cry on the news.

After they filmed to story, the took some shots of our family photos & went upstairs & filmed Logan sleeping (who was out cold & an earthquake couldn't wake him up). The reporter said that she was going to contact the insurance company, Big City Gym & the attorney that screwed us over. She's going to give them a chance to make this right before she airs the piece, but if they don't, all bets are off & this story goes out. She seemed so motivated to help our family find justice. I have so much hope. So much.


Juggle Jane said...

That's awesome!! You ladies are kicking butts and taking names!

Why is it that as soon as someone says "This must be hard" or "Are you OK?" the waterworks start flowing??

Jaime said...

I truly hope this resolves all of this for you. It's so unfair and makes me so very angry.

Erin said...

That is so awesome...I really hope this finally resolves this issue and they are able to help you guys out!