Sunday, December 16, 2007

Making a list & checking it twice
Christmas cards mailed: Check (mostly)
Christmas shopping done: Check!!
House decorated: Check (mostly)
Tree up & looking awesome: Check

Whoa. I'm on top of things this year. So on top of things, it's scary. And unlike me. People might be getting their Christmas presents on time this year. Crazy, right? The only things left on my holiday to-do list are wrapping presents, mailing out gifts to the family, mailing out the extra cards that we had to order (that will be here in 2 days) & last but not least, Christmas cookie baking! Oh, good Lord. I'm so excited for that one.

We finished our shopping today, getting a few last things for Logan (but I'm sure I'll find something else to sneak under the tree for him during the week) & the last of the family gifts. All of the presents are in our guest bedroom & piled up on the unmade bed. The mountain of toys is an awesome site. I love it. We also got our tree today & after my workout with photographer friend, I came home, put on the Christmas music, made myself an adult hot chocolate, lit a fire in the fireplace & got to decorating the tree. The living room is a whole lot smaller now that we have the tree in the corner & we had to rearrange the couch. It works though.

*I'll have to post the pictures tomorrow since I can't get a clear picture tonight*

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