Monday, October 19, 2009

Carter's first hair cut

We're finally all healthy again! Well, Logan and I never got sick. Carter's rebound was real - he only has a 24 hour virus. Bill took an entire week to recover. We wonder if he really did have H1N1. Who knows though, because they aren't testing adults here unless there are complications.

So, since we were germ-free - it was time for the boys to get their hair cut. We are getting our family portraits taken this week, and some of us needed a little cleaning up. This would be Carter's first hair cut!

I took Carter to the same kids' salon that Logan got his first hair cut at. Carter is just a tad older than when Logan got his first cut, but he didn't fare as well. The minute I put him in the race car, he cried. We switched chairs so that he could sit on my lap. He squirmed and climbed up me, despite trying to be comforted. The stylist did a great job of getting it done with him all over the place.

Afterward, Carter looked like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Sigh.....

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Kelly said...

he is adorable, but I don't think I like hair cuts just because of the whole 'big boy' appearance it gives them in the end :|

glad everyone is doing better. myles has had a runny nose/cough fever, though.