Monday, November 30, 2009

Yes, I am that kind of person

Thanksgiving is over and now we move on to Christmas. I was excited beyond reason to get our tree this year. I was really looking forward to decorating the tree because this year I convinced Bill to let me decorate with a new tree theme.

What? Tree theme? Yes, you read that right. Tree theme. I am that kind of person. A tree theme person.

I've always been this way since we got married and decorated our own tree. I've been fascinated with the beautiful details and the design process. It's a creative outlet for me. Apparently, I'm darn good at it too (or so Bill says). For the last four years, we've had a rustic Colorado themed tree with wooden bears, moose, bird houses, and everything woodland-creature related. It was cute and I liked it a lot. But, it was getting tired. It was time to switch themes. I asked Logan what he thought we should do - flowers (poinsettias) or snowflakes. He chose snowflakes.

The boys helping me get the lights up, meaning, stomping on the lights and breaking glass all over the floor.

I bought all new ornaments - silver balls, silver glittered balls, ice cycles and snowflakes. We even have a snowflake as the star on top of the tree. I wasn't so sure about it when I was buying the ornaments, but now that it's finished - it turned out better than I imagined. It's beautiful.

So, now we have a winter wonderland snowflake tree that glows in the front room right in center of the window facing the street. It's picturesque.

Someday I will do the hall of trees - volunteering to decorate a display. Someday, when I'm not doing everything else!


Juggle Jane said...

Can't wait for pictures! I ADORE snowflakes and I tape paper ones to my window each Christmas, since it would take a miracle to see snow in Southern California.

DYING to see your snowflake tree topper!

girl from florida said...

So cute! I LOVE tree themes. Ours has always been something colorful- one year we did pink/green/bright blue balls, another year we did a kind of tropical type of theme. The past 3 years, we've used bright ornaments I've made over the years from Disney toys. But it's more of a mish-mesh of stuff than an actual theme, one year I want to go all out with one :)

Can't wait to see pics!

tyfamilyadventures said...

I love it...we do tree themes too.It looks great