Thursday, August 13, 2009

First blood

Yesterday afternoon, Logan had more unbridled energy than any kid should have. He frequently is a spastic tornado, running around the house without any sense of space and doesn't quite grasp the concept that he has the ability to harm others. Both boys were playing in Logan's room when I hear Carter cry his "I'm in pain" cry. I go in and ask Logan what had happened to which he replied, " I hit Carter". Not being able to tell if it was a true accident or if it was a casualty from an out of control freak out, I picked up Carter to comfort him and noticed he had a bloody lip.

Logan spent the morning in his room, falling asleep at 11:00 and waking up at 3:00 in the afternoon. This kid was lucky I didn't smack some sense into him.

This afternoon Logan went to the drop-in childcare center while Carter and I had a play date with one of his little baby friends and her mom. Carter was crawling around, all over everything and as fast as he could. He ended up doing a face plant on the hardwood floor in the kitchen. After I picked him up, I noticed that once again, he had a bloody lip. The same place as the day before.

Poor baby. His first bloody lip and one two days in a row. This certainly won't be the last.


Kelly said...

Poor little guy. At least Logan is honest, yeah? ;)

Kristin said...

Honest that one time. This is an upcoming post, but he got caught lying - twice - yesterday.

The boy will soon learn that he will NEVER be able to lie to me, much like his Dad learned not too long ago!