Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today marked a big milestone for Logan - his first day of preschool! He woke up this morning very agreeable, ate all of his breakfast at the first request after I told him that he couldn't go to school with an empty stomach. He didn't bat an eye when I told him that he needed to get dresses and to brush his teeth, another anomaly in our home. It was a happy, calm start to the day - everything went perfectly and we even got there on time! (those who know me know how much of a shocker that is).

We got to school and hung up his backpack on the hook with his name, and then I made him a name tag. We walked in and he said "Hi" to a couple of his friends that he knows from playgroup. One of his teachers had him place a sticker by his name on a chart. After that, he was off! I was so happy that he was comfortable and excited to go. I thought I would cry, but didn't get choked up too much.

Today's class was only an hour and then the next class is the full two and a half hours. Since today was so short, Carter and I went to Starbucks and ate a little breakfast together - coffee, muffin and a banana for him. It seemed to fly by.

We came back to pick him up and chatted with come of our friends while we waited. The teachers let the kids out of class one by one. When it was Logan's turn, he came out running and gave me a big hug, excited to tell me all of the fun things he did in class. It was so cute!

We stayed and played on the church lawn while he ran around with a couple of his buddies. I'm so glad all of the preschool-prep classes were worth it and that school is something that he looks forward to!


Anonymous said...

aw, he looks so much older than Myles! I didn't cry on the first day, either. I don't know why....

Our boys are growing up!

angie said...

What a BIG boy! Glad it went so well.

Joanna said...

He's growing up! Kelsie started preschool this year too. Where did the time go?