Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Totally saved the day

Over the last few days (almost week now), I've been taking care of everything in the house. Taking care of the boys, taking care of Bill, taking care of the chores and everything in between. However, I have not been taking care of the computer issues. Bill has done that and saved the day.

Carter has his first birthday on Saturday. As usual, I was preparing to post his first year/birthday montage, complete with cheesy music that makes me cry. The computer started to act funky and had re-started itself a few times. Not too much later, I was contacted about a writing assignment for our city and started working on that too. Then, just as I was getting elbow deep in work - the entire system crashed. And? We had not backed up our files in a long time.

The next day I bought a new hard drive and Bill was going to try and recover our lost files. With pain still throbbing in his foot, wrapped up and on crutches, he fixed our computer, made it even better and recovered all of our files. The pictures I was using for the montage, the writing assignment, my personal training files - all of it. SAVED. YEA!

Now that wonder boy, computer genius saved the computer, my writing assignment has been sent in for publication tomorrow - I'll be able to get back to work on Carter's montage and FINALLY celebrate his first birthday here on the blog.

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