Friday, March 19, 2010


For months we've discussed the issue of cat allergies at home. Bill is allergic to Kitty and seemed to be getting worse. Sneezing, runny nose, boxes of Kleenex in handy places. His allergies were getting so bad that it interfered with party invitations at people's homes that had cats. We would go only to have Bill become anti-social and in misery from sinus problems. If we go to a party and there's a cat, we end up leaving in a short amount of time, always the first people to leave the party.

Logan's allergies have also been getting worse, mostly his eczema. Kitty has been sleeping in his room at night and Logan's legs have been horrible. The other day when I went to wash his sheets, I noticed splotches of blood from him scratching his legs all night long. Then, after an afternoon of driving his Power Wheels car around, he pet a neighborhood cat and huge welts formed on his forehead. I had to accept that Kitty needed a new home.

In this months-long process, a good friend of mine offered to adopt Kitty. This was the best option for us. I knew Kitty would be in a fabulous home, plus, we'd be able to see her again when we visit. I couldn't have asked for a better solution.

I broke the news to Logan the other night, explaining that Kitty was going to live at his friend's house because he and Dad were allergic to her. "Forever?" he asked. "Yes, forever." I explained. He understood completely and asked if we'd be able to visit. No tears, no concern. He felt good about Kitty living at his friend's house.

Last night I packed up all of her things - food, litter box, and extra litter. I got her into her carrier and drove her to her new home. We stood by the kitchen, opened the crate and let her out. She seemed a bit freaked out (because she hates car rides) but felt comfortable enough to jump out and start exploring. Of course, I cried on my friend's shoulder while in a long hug, which resulted in us both crying.

Kitty is such a cute cuddle cat, loving to be pet and full of affection. She would sneak into our room at night to sleep next to me like a little live teddy bear. When I was pregnant, she would do her "squishy dance" on my stomach, giving me kitty massages on my sore sternum. As allergies became a bigger problem, I wouldn't be able to pet her as much because then Bill wouldn't be able to touch me.

I love cats and I will always love cats. I love them more than dogs, for sure. I will miss having her around the house, but I know this is for the best. So, now we are cat-less.

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