Monday, March 08, 2010

Logan's 4 year check-up

He's a tall, skinny kid now. No longer a baby or a toddler, but a big grown preschooler. We sat in the living room together while Carter was napping, taking his "tests". I asked him questions, like "What do you do when you are tired?" and "Tell me things about your ball". We played catch to see if he caught the ball with both hands, watched to see how he threw a ball overhand and hopped on one foot. We put a puzzle together, that was only supposed to be six pieces, but we didn't have puzzles that small. He put a large puzzle together by himself just fine. He copied letters that I wrote on a piece of paper and determined which shapes were the smallest. He told me his first and last name, his age, his address and my phone number.

He passed the 48 month Ages & Stages questionnaire with flying colors.

At his appointment, he measured 42.75 inches in height (90%) and weighed 39.4 pounds (75%). They checked his BMI (15.1% 25), his vision (20/40) and his hearing (he passed).

This was the first appointment where he was actively involved, where Dr. B asked him a slew of questions directly. She asked him about school, where he slept at home, what kinds of healthy foods he ate and checked his spine for scoliosis. The topic of vaccinations never came up, because at this point, she knows better.

My only concern for Logan was his ever problematic eczema. His legs are horrible, with red, scratched raw sores. His hips, butt, torso and arms are less so, but still uncomfortable for him. It seems as though we've tried everything - different lotions and creams, bleach baths, and baking soda soaks. Dr. B suggested that he wear a double layer of pajamas - the under layer wet and the top layer dry, to help trap in moisture. Logan was and is still not going for this, concerned that he's going to be cold at night (he's smart, because it does sound uncomfortable). We are going to try out some probiotics before we go down the steroid road.

Our long, lanky boy is healthy and strong, growing right on track (despite his continued finickiness at the dinner table). He still drives me insane with back talk, attitude and tantrums, but I guess that's how it still goes with preschoolers (it's no wonder why I have gray hair). His second preschool parent-teacher conference is later this week and I can't wait for that!

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