Monday, May 03, 2010

Family weekend fun

Now that it's getting nice outside and Carter is getting a bit older, we are making a tradition of having a family fun day on the weekends. It started earlier this year with a trip to the Denver Science Museum and then the Aquarium. We just got the new car and felt up for a few road trips. We all had a blast, especially Logan, learning about dinosaurs and outer space.

Bill and Logan had space shuttle races, we checked out a thermal camera where Bill was totally red and I was all blue (which demonstrated our extreme differences in body temperature).

Logan was so excited to check out the fossils and Carter loved just tagging along and running around. I really wished there were more exhibits for the kids, as most of it was pretty boring for them (gems? No thanks). This museum really needs some more funding.

Later that same day we went to the aquarium. Carter was thrilled with the fish and the chance to run around some more. Logan was a bit intimidated by the large sharks and a little freaked out by the sting rays that jumped out of the tanks, but he was happy as a clam to get a dinosaur painted on his face.

The next weekend, we went back down to check out the Children's Museum. It was completely crowded and insane, but the boys still had a great time. They got to climb around, hang out in a reading forest, play basketball, learn about a vet clinic and play with all sorts of toys.

A few weeks ago Bill was supposed to take another business trip to London and Cork. He was going to be gone for a week and a half and it was important that we spend some quality time together before he left. We packed up the kids and spent another whole day in Denver, first at the zoo and then an early dinner at Casa Bonita.

This had to be the best family day we've had yet, hands down. Everyone was in good spirits, smiles and laughter, fun and adventure was had. Not once did anyone cry, throw a tantrum or argue. It was awesome!!!

On our way down to Denver, we stopped at a diner known for their enormous cinnamon rolls. Logan loves getting them and he splits it with Carter. Bill just loves eating at greasy spoons, so he was happy. It's a good way to fill up on a hearty breakfast.

We got to the zoo not long after it opened for the day. It was nice out, not too cold and not hot, not too many people - perfect. One of the first animal exhibits we saw were of some mountain goats, one of which had just had a baby and was licking it clean. Logan loved looking at all of the animals, even after a large, poop-flinging monkey jumped fiercely at the glass, scaring the bejesus out of him and Carter.

We took a train ride (lame, but the boys liked it) and rode the carousel (which Carter did not like). We ate cotton candy, saw fun animals and had an amazing day.

Just as it was about to rain cats and dogs, we left to go to Casa Bonita. I'd never been before, but Bill had a handful of times when we lived in Denver. He really wanted the boys to experience the Mexican insanity.

This is the best review I've ever read on Casa Bonita. It hits the nail on the head.

With chlorine permeating the air and hitting you smack in the nose the minute you open the front door, a complete sensory overload with terrible food, you only need to go to Casa Bonita once. After eating the cafeteria food, I think I ate my weight in sopaipillas. Best I've ever had. Greasy, fluffy pillows of deliciousness.

We got the boys some glow swords from one of the vendors walking around, watched a terrible act with cliff divers and a guy in a gorilla suit, tried to play video games (most were out of order or broken without signage), walked through Black Bart's Cave where Logan flipped out saying he wanted to get out of there fast (no haunted houses for this kid!) and left in a complete daze.

The next weekend we took the kids to a fishing expo, because Bill is picking up fly fishing this summer. The expo was totally lame, but they did have a large tank of trout where the kids could fish. It was freezing and windy as hell out, so Carter and I stood by the side watching as Bill helped Logan catch a fish. There was a time limit so people could rotate turns. Just as the last minute was almost up, Logan caught a fish! Granted, this was totally cheating when it comes to fishing, but he was the only one who caught one and was so excited. It was adorable.

This last weekend we had our first family day at the movie theater. Logan has had a handful of father-son movie dates and loves it. We thought Carter would be old enough to enjoy it. Loaded up with popcorn, soda and candy, we sat at the back of the theater with lots of room to spread out. We watched How To Train Your Dragon. Carter did not last very long and I missed about 90% of the movie. He and I ended up walking the halls with him making friends everywhere he went. One of the movie attendants gave him a pair of 3-D glasses that were bigger than his head. He smiled his big, cheesy grin walking around with them on with people oooing and awwwing. He's such a clown and loves the attention.

Each weekend we do something together that really bonds us as a family. I'm so proud of these times we share and I'm lucky to have a husband and adorable kids to enjoy then with. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us.


Brandy said...

When I was a kid we would go to the Casa Bonita in Little Rock, AR or Tulsa, OK... it was a huge deal! Can't believe they still have them. Do they still have the flags on the table that you raise to get more food? We did think it was good Mexican food back then too! But now we know better!!

Gary said...

I love this post, Kristin! What a fun day all of you must have had. The pics are just great! Casa Bonita, boy - yeah! I was in heaven in that place when I was a kid.