Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tonight after I got Carter to bed, Logan came running inside from playing in the back yard crying. I asked him what had happened and as usual, he couldn't tell me (he generally has some kind of answer like "I can't do everything", which bugs the hell out of me). So, I waited for him to calm down again and asked him what happened. He mumbled something about the slide and pointed to his mouth. I took a look and his front tooth was chipped. Once I saw this, he then started talking about his broken tooth. Apparently he fell on the slide (or fell off?) and hit his mouth.

It's not that bad and you can't really tell unless you look, so there was no reason to make an emergency appointment to the dentist, but it sure did motivate me to make that appointment for his check-up that I've been slacking on. We were really lucky that it wasn't worse, no blood or half his tooth missing or something like that.

I told Bill what had happened when he was on his way home. "Boys will be boys", he said. I guess so. And in that case, we need to decrease our insurance coverage deductible.

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angie said...

Slides, I tell ya - dangerous stuff ;-) I plan on getting Ava to the dentist in the next week or so too. Should be interesting!