Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oh, the things that come out of his mouth

Over the last few days, Logan's defiant attitude has calmed down some (thank GOD!) and he has been a very sweet, funny, loving kid. I'm not sure if he's just outgrown the extreme brat stage that he was in or if he understands that I'm trying to control my freak out mode because of the stuff going on with the in-laws. At any rate, his cooperation has helped me to chill out a bit and the house is surprisingly calm.

Tuesday morning, I had a few (or more) of the mini-cookies left over from our Easter Egg painting craft we hosted the day before. Logan discovered that I ate the rest of them and sternly told me, "Don't eat lots and lots of cookies! Just eat one!" Well, then. I suppose he's heard that before and maybe I should follow his demands.

Later that afternoon I found out some details that I was NOT happy about (that could mean BIG problems) and a panic attack ensued. I haven't had a panic attack like this in some time. I tried breathing which kind of turned into hyperventilating and my hands were going numb. "Are you sad Mom?" he asked me. "Yes I am sweetie pea. It's OK though", I tried to tell him through my tears. He then ran upstairs, came back down with a used, balled up Kleenx to give to me. He gave me a hug and a pat on the back. "It's OK". I thanked him for being such a nice, sweet kid, assuring him that everything was OK and that we would be going to the gym later to play. He was good with that answer and ran off to play. I made a mental note that this is another reason why a cut-off is in our best interest.

Today he was playing with Carter on the couch, which is the highlight of everyones day. The two of them playing is the cutest! Logan handed Carter a corner of a blanket and was pretending to play tug-o-war. "Pull! Pull! Say 'pull' in Chinese", he told Carter. I just about fell off the couch laughing.

Carter has been lasting about 30 minutes before melting down while I've been working out and a few days he's been able to hang in there for longer. But this afternoon was awesome as I was able to get my whole workout done without interruption. I went to pick them up after I was finished to find Logan talking to Carter, making him smile and laugh and being a fantastic big brother. It was so cute!

Because our week together has been so good, we've been hitting up the stores while running errands to look for Disney CARS to add to Logan's collection. Sadly, Bill and I are just as obsessed with finding new cars as Logan is. But it's something fun we like to do together, especially as a special treat when he's been on his best behavior. It's so fun to see him get so excited about finding a new car (when we do - it's getting more difficult as his collection grows). And it's equally as cute to see how much he understands when we don't find a new one. He shrugs his shoulders and asks to go to another store. I have to remind him that we'll try again the next day and see what we can find. He's satisfied with that and there are no temper tantrums or fights.

His new favorite toys to play with are his dinosaurs and his favorite is "Dinosaurus Rex". His imaginative play is growing by leaps and bounds and the conversations he has with himself while playing are hysterical. I've yet to write down what he's said, but I will now because it's getting too good to forget!


Charlie said...

Oh bless him - getting you a (used!) tissue! That's so sweet. Sorry to hear you were so anxious though. Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes as well as it can.

Brandy said...

ok we are just as obsessed with finding every monster truck and Cars car, we look everywhere we go.