Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got it from you, Mom

I think it's common knowledge that kids learn behaviors and habits directly from their parents, right? We've all experienced the parrot repeats of swear words (or at least, some of us have) and I know Logan's defiant attitude is not only because he's 3, but because I am the same way (yes, I'm a snot - I know). BUT! At least I'm not teaching him just the bad behaviors that come from me.

When I have clients come over to train, the kids are usually with us. Carter is content to sit in his walker (that he's too short to walk with) and Logan either plays with toys, sits and watches on the futon or gets in trouble for getting in the way and is sent to his room. He looks forward to the workouts and is excited as anyone I've ever known about his ability to do a bicep curl. Thankfully, I have nice clients that like to watch Logan demonstrate his physical abilities as he does crunches along with them or attempts to do an overhead press with 5 pound weights.

A few days ago Bill bought a pull-up bar because he's starting the P90X program with his friends and co-workers (this will be a post for another day when someone inevitably gets injured and quits the program - I've already given my professional unsolicited opinion about it). I've been meaning to get some more equipment for client sessions, so I wasn't about to say no to this new purchase. He installed it in the laundry room doorway where clients will have to run up a flight of stairs to use it (awesome). It's also where Logan can see it all the time and he is very interested in tying his best at a pull-up.
The night Bill installed the pull-up bar, Logan was all over it. We got some pretty cute pictures and video. My favorite part of the video (other than him sporting his CARS sleeve that Bill temporary tattooed him with) is when he says "I'm really STRONG!" It makes me laugh every time I watch it.

This morning while we hung out recovering from the crud, I got Carter down to sleep for what seemed like the 5th nap of the day and Logan and I were just chillin' on the couch. Out of nowhere, he puts his hands behind his head while laying down and exclaims, "Look Mom! I'm working out! I'm doing crunches!" Again, I had to smile and give him props for a good workout.

So, while he may talk back and have way too much sass for a 3 year old because I can't seem to keep my mouth shut, at least he's most likely going to be one of the strongest kids in his class and hitting the gym when he's old enough to and won't hate working out. There's one battle won right there.

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