Monday, April 13, 2009

Excited about Easter

As Logan gets older and grasps the concepts about holidays, every celebration becomes more and more exciting in our home. Last year he began to understand what we do on Easter, but this year he was very excited about it. He had been talking about the Easter Bunny for days, sometimes calling him the 'Santa Easter Bunny' since at one point I compared the two. The cartoons that have been on (Dora, Max & Ruby, etc) have all had some special Easter episode and Logan has wanted to watch that one specifically.

On Saturday morning we went on an Easter Egg hunt with The Club. Logan was thrilled to go and couldn't wait to find eggs with his friends. We got there and it was cold and cloudy, but the kids still had a great time. There was an awesome turn out and all of the kids lined up by the soccer goal on the field at the park. The whole field was covered with brightly colored eggs, making it fun and easy for the little ones to participate. The kids were given the go-ahead and they all ran out to fill their baskets. It was so cute. Logan, for some reason, really took a liking to the color orange and only collected a few orange eggs. I thought that was pretty funny. Since it was cold, we chatted for only a little bit and the headed on out for breakfast.

For the rest of the day, all Logan talked about was eggs and Easter Bunnies. We even saw a cotton tail in our back yard and Logan thought it was the Easter Bunny. That night Bill went out with his friends and Logan and I cleaned up the house to get ready for the Easter Bunny to come and hide eggs. I told him that the toys needed to be picked up and he eagerly cleaned up the entire house, running around yelling "THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMING!". This was one of the very few times that he didn't put up a fight about cleaning. He even told me that "Easter Bunny doesn't come to messy houses". He learned quick!

Getting him to go to bed was a bit difficult since he tried to stay up to both wait for Bill to come home and for the Easter Bunny to make his appearance. He finally fell asleep at 10:00 and I was FINALLY able to fill the eggs, hide them around the house and get the baskets together. Carter got some tub toys for his first Easter and Logan hit the Jack Pot - stickers, a new garbage truck, a card game, CARS socks, dinosaurs, a snake and both boys got a matching shirt.

Easter morning Logan slept in a bit, but once he was up, was ready to get crackin' on the egg hunt. He checked out his basket, blown away by all of the stuff he got and I helped him find eggs around the house. Bill made a delicious french toast breakfast that stuffed us all silly. We relaxed for the rest of the rainy day watching movies and playing games. Before lunch and nap time, we painted our wooden Easter Eggs (our little tradition). Logan really enjoyed it more this year, mixing all of the paint colors and carefully painting his eggs. This year Bill even painted an egg. Impressed the hell out of me, that's for sure.

During nap time Bill and I started getting dinner ready - turkey, stuffing, potatoes - pretty much Thanksgiving in the spring. We even had pumpkin pie. It was great! We were also able to get some great family pictures with all of us, even Bill. That right there made my Easter.

So, we had a wonderful time this year with all sorts of family fun. Good times, no doubt!

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angie said...

Great to see a family picture (they are SO hard to get). Love it!