Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hate this part of Motherhood

Nobody likes it when their kids are sick, especially their babies. This is one of the worst parts of being a parent because you feel so helpless and hate to see your kids miserable and suffering. You always want to be able to fix it for them and make everything A-OK.

Logan has recovered just fine. In fact, the next day after our appointment, he was running around outside, playing in the sandbox and playing "whack-a-mole" with the yellow jackets that are emerging from under our back deck. Other than being a little cranky every now and then which is easily resolved with a nap - he's fine.

Carter on the other hand, wow - he's having a hard time. I can't really tell yet if this is just how he is when he's sick or if he's really that miserable. On one hand I want to chalk it up to the innate beginnings of The Man Cold, but the kid is just not right. My mommy gut is telling me that his whimpers and sad looks are real. He is sick, sick, sick. He sleeps A TON right now, which is exactly what he needs to do. But he's only up for 30 minute increments before he goes back down to sleep for 1-2 hour stretches.
He's nursing fine, eating a bit and diaper changes seem normal - he's just extremely lethargic and he has snot pouring out of his nose like a faucet. I am constantly getting the boogers out and washing his nose out with saline spray. He has a fever that comes and goes and is pretty mild. Sometimes he'll grab at his ear. I'm not one to pump my kids full of medicine, but Carter has had more Tylenol this week than I'm sure Logan ever has in his 3 years. And he needs it. I went ahead and called the clinic to get him in tomorrow morning because he's not getting any better.

I hope this is just how he is when he's not feeling well and it's nothing more than a cold. I hope, I hope, I hope.
I thought I could make him smile by trying out the swing on a nice night after dinner. Guess not. He just slouched there and looked so sad.


angie said...

I'm sorry he is feeling so bad and hope its nothing more then a cold too. On another note, I can't believe he is big enough to sit in a swing already. Gee'z they grow quick!!!

Brandy said...

Oh I hate that for you, it's truly heart breaking to see him so down... He looks so sad and so cute at the same time! Hope you get some answers tomorrow. Nothing worse than hearing, we can't find anything wrong with him, it's just a viral infection I guess. I heard that a few weeks ago.

Kelly said...

Having a sick baby is never fun. Your little man sure looks grumpy in that picture :(