Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've followed up with our insurance crap for the last few days & everything is finally sorted out (to clarify, we are suing insurance co #1, we dropped #2 due to them constantly raising monthly premiums & it was getting outrageous & we are now on insurance company #3 who just out of the blue, canceled the policy & sent the claims to a different carrier 30 days after we were approved for coverage. Confused? Yeah, so am I). I got written (typed?) confirmation that we have coverage again & that Logan's referral to the allergist is approved. So if he by chance sticks a pea up his nose again & I can't blow it out, at least we'll have insurance (whatever that's supposed to mean).

I got an appointment for him next week & apparently, it can take up to 2 hours if the Doctor does the whole shebang. My homework until then is to figure out what questions to ask, look into treatment plans he may suggest so I'm at least somewhat informed on the spot & we'll go from there. I'm just super relieved that this is just one step closer to figuring out why Logan is constantly breaking out into hives at the drop of a hat. And as funny as I make the "boy in a bubble" seem, it's not. I hope my little kiddo can be comfortable soon & we won't have to constantly guess if he's going to have a reaction to something.

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