Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!
These are the days. The days that I dreamt about before Logan was born. I would think about the holidays & about how much fun we would have as a little family, creating our own special traditions. And now that Logan is an independent Toddler, we're there. I love it!!

This morning we met our friends downtown for the Tiny Tot Parade. All of the kids were dressed up in their costumes & went trick or treating at all of the local businesses. It was a complete mad house as it seemed every family in the entire town was there & we were packed in like sardines. We were pretty much separated from our friends the entire time & would wave to each other in passing. However, it didn't spoil the fun.

Logan ran around, flopping his arms & legs about. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. He was so happy running free in a sea of kids in his puppy dog costume, looking absolutely stinkin' cute. He would hold out his trick or treating pumpkin bag & when it was filled with a sucker, he would pull it out to eat right there on the spot. He was also very generous, attempting to share his candy with the business owners. He would go up to get candy, only to pull out a tootsie roll to hand back out.

We made a stop to visit Bill & to meet his coworkers, since the office was right smack dab in the middle of the festivities. Everyone thought Logan was so cute (of course!) & had candy to give to him too. He tried to grab a handful of birthday cake that was on a table, played with the birthday balloons, sat in Bill's chair & played with the calculator & answering phones. He grabbed handfuls of candy & charmed the pants off everyone he met.

We said our good-bye's & headed on home. I ran a few errands with Logan still in his costume. Everyone we passed couldn't help but smile at him. I think I'm going to keep him in the costume all day & have him help us hand out candy tonight when trick or treaters come to the door. I'm sure he'll have a blast with that.
I love Halloween & it was evident this morning that Logan feels the same way. Just to see the pure joy in his eyes today was priceless. It's exciting to live in such a family friendly town where we'll be able to do this & the other holiday activities every year. This is the beginning of some fun traditions, where each year will be more fun than the last.

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Jezer said...

Logan and Alex had the same costume this year! Except Alex was not about to let me paint his nose, even. Those photos are adorable!