Friday, October 26, 2007

From binkies to Matchbox cars
When Logan was a little infant, he was very attached to his binkies. He couldn't sleep without them & in the early months, we couldn't leave the house without one, let alone the room. I would buy packages of them & keep "back-ups" in zip lock bags in the diaper bag & the kitchen cupboard. It was a traumatic event if we lost one & didn't have an extra immediately on hand.

Now that Logan is over his binkies, he's now moved on to Matchbox cars. He sleeps with one in each hand. They are one of the first words to come out of his mouth in the morning, "Milk? Cars?" He takes one everywhere we go & God forbid we lose one because he will start to whine & fuss, "Cars? Cars? Cars? Cars?...." There have been many car trips where he'll drop his Matchbox car where I can't reach it (because I'm driving) & he goes into a meltdown. He lost one at Wal-Mart because it slid under the shelving where I couldn't reach it. We were fortunate to be in a store with a fully stocked Matchbox car selection & I tell you, I couldn't get it out fast enough for him.

Not only is one constantly glued to his hand, but as of last night, he demands that I race with him. The day before, I was racing a goat with his car & he thought it was pretty funny. He remembered how much fun we had & put two cars in my hand. "Race? Race? Race!" So, I raced a car next to his car & Bill was the goat. We had races on the couch for what seemed like hours. I got bored with it after a while, but Logan still demanded that I play. "Race! Race! Race!" I showed him how the cars could stack on top of one another & he could race the two himself & then he started chanting, "Stat! Stat! Stat!" (stack).

He drives them over every surface in the house & has even discovered that the top of the baby gate is grooved making a perfect fit for the cars & an excellent racing track. He takes all of his cars, trucks, tractors & trains & piles them up on the couch. After making his selection from the vast transportation options available, he proceeds to drive it all over the living room making "vroom, vroom" noises.

How can a boy be so obsessed with cars at such an early age? I don't remember ever forcing cars on him because he's a boy. It just kind of happened that way. We had cars for him to play with & now it seems like they are as important as the air he breaths. Now instead of bagging back-up binkies, I'm rationing Matchbox cars. At least they make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas.


Dawn B said...

YES!!! Cars!!! Or as James says "cahs???" like as in a question. Oh my gosh everything these days is a car.. anything with wheels. And get this- he lines them up having them all face the same direction and gets a kick out of that! LOL Out of all his toys his cahs are the only things he plays with alot. Oh the very newest thing that he's starting to dig is being actually able to say "binkie" now. Constantly.
I envy you guys for having that thing gone. I am so ready to get rid of it. lol

Erin said...

That is so cute! I always thought it was fun to pick out all the different styles/colors of HotWheels when I was a little girl. Hailey is obsessed with this one baby doll. It's naked, because she insists it can NOT wear clothes, and it's DIRTY as all get out. But she takes it everywhere, patting it gently, showing it the airplanes, burping it, kissing it...she sleeps with it, and she won't let anyone at daycare touch it. Isn't it funny how they're so young, but still the boys seem to go for cars and stuff like that, and the girls go for the dolls and shoes and stuff?

Jezer said...

Oh, yeah, baby. And if it's not a car, it's a tractor. And Al also sleeps with his little cars (and tractors!), too. Little boys rock.

Jaime said...

Very normal ;) and very dangerous lol.

Never walk barefoot, always keep on house shoes if you can. I'm sporting a nice scar from the gash one of the hot wheels I stepped on.

Baby Jacob said...

wow! i have never been to your blog before but i ran into it on another blog and i'd have to say i am glad i did.. my son is about a month older than yours (born dec 28, 2005) but some of the things they do are soo alike.. we recently got rid of the binkie also (in our house known as a "bobo") and he went right to cars and has to sleep with them in hand also, how strange!!!? It's just so much fun to read the adventures of another mom with a little boy about the same age as mine... my blog which we also have kept going since birth is
thanks for the fun read, Becky