Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or Treat!
Tonight we went trick or treating at the farm. This is one of many Halloween celebrations we'll be having in the next few days here. Halloween is so different from when I was a kid, with only trick or treating on on night - Halloween. Now, thanks to all of the creepy, crazy people out there, kids get to have "safe street" experiences, making the rounds at different organized Halloween celebrations. While it may not feel the same, it's still fun & the kids make out like bandits.

We met up at Aunt Ju-Ju's & Uncle J's house to eat pizza & get the two boys dressed in their costumes. Cousin B went as a dragon & Logan went as a dog. After dinner, we got the kids in a wagon & walked to the farm , as it's only 4 or 5 blocks away from their house. We got there & walked through a not-so-scary-haunted-farm. Logan quickly picked up on the idea of knocking on doors to get candy. He really didn't about the candy at all, but he thought it was so much fun getting to knock & someone would answer. He was very polite, making sure to sign 'thank you' after he got his candy & told everyone "bye!" as we walked to the next door. He was so, so, so cute.
Not only did we go trick or treating, but we went on hay rides & met characters in full costume like at Disney Land. Logan was particularly fond of The Bee, walking up to him to give him a hug (because he's fascinated with bees & can't get enough of them). It was adorable.

We walked back to the house & ate some candy while we warmed back up. Logan & Cousin B had a fun time playing together & Logan was very nice, sharing his beloved car. I wish we were able to get more pictures of him while we were there, but as you can see here, he's not a fan of photography.

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Brandy said...

What a cute little puppy dog! I just hope Davis will wear his costume... so far it's been a fight for me to get him into it.