Monday, October 15, 2007

No wonder why
Because of Logan's appointment with the allergist tomorrow morning, I've been keeping a detailed food journal for the last few days. They didn't ask that I do this (but they should have) & I figure the more information, the better.

Food journaling for Logan has only reaffirmed to me how important it is to do when analyzing anything about your nutrition, be it for food allergies or fitness. It's still important, even for the skilled professional, because food amnesia is very common. I've always commented about how Logan is a bottomless pit, always signing "eat" & stealing or begging others for their snacks at playgroup. It's gotten to the point of being embarrassing & I always say, "I swear he's not starving! I really do feed him! He eats all of the time!" Well, I've come to find out the kid is starving.

Logan is a picky eater. This is no surprise. What is a surprise is that he is so picky, he really doesn't eat! I've alway said that I constantly feed him (which I do), I just never realized how little of it goes in his mouth & how much of it ends up on the floor. The boy only eats raisins & Goldfish crackers. That's pretty much it. Here's a rundown of the last few days:

Saturday 10/13
Breakfast: Sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk. Whole wheat Eggo pancake. 1 whole banana.
*Most of pancake was thrown on floor

Snack: Mini box of raisins. Whole wheat Goldfish crackers.

Lunch: Flour tortilla with cheese. Broccoli. Mandarin oranges.
*Most of tortilla & broccoli was thrown on floor

-Woke up from nap with hives on back, ribs, eczema flare up on back of arms, itchy nose.

Snack: Mini box of raisins. Whole wheat Goldfish crackers.

Dinner: Macaroni & Cheese

-Tugging at left ear at bed time.

Sunday 10/14
Breakfast: Sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk. Whole wheat Eggo pancake. Mandarin oranges.
*Didn't eat pancake at all

Snack: Mini box of raisins. Whole wheat Goldfish crackers.

Lunch: Cheese sandwich on whole wheat english muffin. Mango. Green beans.
*Some of english muffin & green beans thrown on floor

Snack: Applesauce with cinnamon. Honey nut Cheerios.
*Didn't eat any Cheerios & most of applesauce

-Didn't nap well, very grumpy. Eczema on arms & back of legs. Front of legs have pimple-like hives.

Snack: Whole wheat Goldfish crackers.

Dinner: Chicken Dumpling Stew (chicken, bullion, bay leaves, celery, carrots, potatoes, onion. Dumplings- flour, egg, milk, parsley)
*Ate very little. Mostly carrots & a few bites of chicken.

Monday 10/15
Breakfast: Sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk. Oatmeal with plain whole yogurt, green apples and cinnamon.
*Ate the pulp of apple slices, but not the peels. Ate a couple bites of oatmeal & threw the rest on the floor.

Snack: Mini box of raisins

Lunch: A slice of cheese pizza at Chuck E. Cheese
*Ate the cheese of another slice

-Had two hives on stomach at nap time.

So, that's what it's been like so far. And if anyone comments that I need to cut out dairy & wheat - problem solved - thanks. I'm already battling this out & apparently it takes a clinical diagnosis for anyone else in the house to listen to me (or for our pediatric nurse too because he's already had an IgE test that came back negative. I'm positive it was a false negative.). I haven't gone dairy Nazi on Logan just because, as you can all see, it's the only source of protein he will eat. Beans, soy, even vegetables to combine & make a complete protein? All on the floor. He begs for cheese on a daily if not hourly basis. "Cheese? Crackers? Sins?", all day long.

So now we'll see what happens to my starving picky eater son tomorrow. God forbid his tests show a dairy or wheat allergy because we will ALL be screwed.


Anonymous said...

My gut says cut out the citrus. Wouldn't cut out dairy unless Dr says so...cheese is an excellent way for little ones to get protein and energy. If Dr says dairy is okay...see if your little one will eat cottage cheese....or scramble an egg (if Dr says it is okay), melt a little cheese on it and toss a little bit of a ww wrap (cut up) into it...

Good luck!

Wendy said...

oh man Kristin:) I felt like I was reading Lani's food intake! I always tried to feed her sooo healthy and she would never eat it!! His hives seem so familiar to Lani's and I would be surprised if it wasn't the dairy! I am glad that you are able to find out tomorrow! Now that we have caught all of Lani's dairy intake (beef also) her skin is perfect. She was still picky though:) She recently weaned her self which means she is longer getting trace dairy through my breast milk (doc okayed this) and she is eating soooo much better! She ate squash, corn, and green beans...may just be a coincidence, but I will take what I can get!

I hope that we can be a source of information for each other because having a child with any type of allergy is difficult. *hugs*

Dawn B said...

If you don't already have it.. check out at the library that book called "Super Baby Food". Tons of recipes that are healthy and are pretty tasty. I used it alot before Natalie was born ... and with James being a picky eater himself, I have his past favorite recipes saved. Actually, let me know if you're interested and I can ship it to ya for free!
Good luck with the allergist. And as I always say (and sound like a broken you're the have that gut feeling and that counts so much. =)

angie said...

I recently bought the cookbook 'Deceptively Delicious' for Ava. I can't say it's worked a whole ton, but it has worked some and I've gotten her to secretly eat some veggies! Yay! However I can get her to eat them!

I hope you find his allergy source.. hives and flares up on the 'ole hiney are no fun!

PS - if it weren't for milk and yogurt in our house I'm sure Ava wouldn't be alive today!