Monday, October 22, 2007

Phone calls & farm fun
This weekend we went to a farm (the same farm we visited last year) for the annual fall festival. We had a good time hanging out in the petting zoo where Logan ran around saying "baaaa, baaa, baaa" the whole time. He would bleat at chickens, sheep, goats & pigs but mooed at the cows. It was particularly funny when he was bleating at the sheep & one decided to respond. It scared the crap out of him & made him cry. Being the mean mom that I am, I picked him up laughing. I tried to explain that that's how they sound, but he didn't care.

We skipped the corn maze this year because we got lost last year. It would have been hellish getting lost with a toddler who would be walking the maze rather than an infant riding comfortably in the stroller. One of my friends said that she got lost this year with two toddlers & wandered around in there forever. Yikes.

We played in the corn "sand box" where Logan had a blast. This boy is obsessed with rocks & feeling things like gravel & corn in his hands. I think he would have stayed there forever if we let him.
This was the only picture we got where you can even remotely see Logan

We skipped the pumpkin patch because the pumpkins were looking pretty pathetic & we decided to get some at a different farm. We did go on the hay ride & Logan was pretty good one it. He was getting tired & very grumpy, so we left after only a few hours. He passed out in the car on the way home.

Along with fun times at the farm, I've been spending most of my time on the phone trying to figure out the insurance problems. I made great headway this morning & have 99% of it resolved. There's only one visit they won't cover (which is so stupid, but whatever) & I have to write an appeals letter to try & get it covered. Hopefully, everything from here on out will be fine & I won't have t do any of this again after our second visit with the allergist next week.

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