Wednesday, September 03, 2008

For months now I've been having contractions. They started out as Braxton Hicks, then at around 30-31 weeks, they turned into pre-term labor contractions that needed to be stopped. After weeks of having these contractions due to stress, having an "irritable uterus" & needing Carter to stay in, the gears have switched & now I want these crazy contractions to do what they are supposed to. GET HIM OUT.

Everyday I have painful contractions that make me think, "this is it!" only to have my hopes dashed by their inconsistency. This morning I was up at 3:00am with painful contractions that did nothing. I trained two clients this morning & dealt with contractions during both sessions. During photographer friend's session, I walked with her on the treadmill for about 20 minutes & was SO SURE my water would break right there in the gym. Guess not, huh.

This kind of stuff happens all day long, every day. I have no clue when it's really going to happen since I've been plagued with False Labor for so long. My uterus cramps, Carter fights it & kicks my ribs at the same time & they are so strong they suck the breath out of me. Really - I get this hollow feeling like all of the air is being drawn out of my lungs even though I can still breath. It's the craziest feeling ever. So, yeah. A little bit stronger than your typical Braxton Hicks contractions. And between the pain of the contraction & the force of Carter's resistance, I feel like I'm always wincing in pain, yelping, gasping & trying to get comfortable (which never happens).

I am tired of contractions that do nothing. I'm also tired of this sharp stabbing pain in my cervix that makes me think I'm dilating, but I'm not. I'm tired of feeling like things are changing when they aren't! UGH!

Yeah, I'm over this pregnancy now.


Dawn B said...

You are gonna be so grossed out by me.... I am SO SORRY in advance.

Okay,now this was just me..but I remember my mom telling me she had the same experience. When you dilate, sometimes you will feel it as nothing and I know with Natalie, I felt like she was going to fall out!!! And my water wouldn't break because she kept her head so pressed onto my cervix (gross huh?lol) that the bag of waters wouldn't break. She was actually being pushed out with the bag of waters still in tact. That's nuts.
Anyway, so my grossness is basically saying that when you dilate, it'll feel strange. Maybe not that piercing pain, or stinging pain, but you will begin to feel.....uhhhh..."different".
(totally grossing myself out too sorry)

erica said...

Wow that's interesting because I didn't know you could actually feel when you start to dilate. I don't remember anything like that with Kira, only that the day before I had her, I felt like there was a bowling ball (in weight and size) wedged tightly in my pelvic area, right under the pelvic bone if you can sort of imagine that. That night, I had the HOTTEST shower I could stand (and it was HOT) and about four hours later my waters broke; had her the following afternoon.

Have you tried the raspberry leaf tea Kristin? That's supposed to help - I'm picking some up this weekend because like you, I'm so ready for this to be over (even though I'm early at the moment, so I have to wait a few weeks).

Actually I read something the other day about a lady who had a cup of this tea, and she had her bub in 2 hours flat. Gives me lots of hope for a very quick birth! LOL.

I'm really excited for you, hoping Carter makes his debut very soon for you guys and can't wait to read about it!! :D

tyfamilyadventures said...

My friends uncle is an ob/gyn. he had her take evening primrose.Its in the vitamins and herbs.It jumped start her labor..good luck thinking of you everyday.

Dawn B said...

That tea is awesome. And tastes yummy. ;) I still think it helped my labor progress so quickly. Mah uterus was ready at that time. lol
You're both in the home stretch!!!! wowza

COURTNEY said...

Ditto! :)

Joanna said...

I haven't posted a comment in a while now, I have been trying to get my blogs situated...But I have been reading! I hope that it's real soon for you. I can't wait to see pictures of baby Carter! Hang in there, your almost there!!

Brandy said...

can you blog from the hospital? I feel like I'm gonna need to know what's going on! :) I'm worried we won't have a clue until after it's done. Isn't that selfish of me? I hope it happens soon~ and all goes well! and can't wait to read about it!

Kristin said...

I had the stabbing pain with Logan too, but not as often or as intense. I never got a clear answer from the OB in labor & delivery (with Logan) on what it was, other than possibly a nerve. I still think it's my cervix changing.

If nothing happens by the end of next week (I'll be 39 weeks at that point), I'll start all of the natural inductors, tea, oil (not Castor - YUCK) & we'll see what happens!

And Brandy, I will totally post before we leave for the hospital & this time we have the laptop that we can bring. I think it would be fun to do a play-by-play on the blog if labor is anything like it was with Logan (after the epidural, of course!). He thought I was crazy, but I think I'll do it for as long as I can :)

Dawn B said...

OH that's awesome if you have a chance to document on your comp. like that!!! What a way to save the experience!!!
But if you can't, ya know, I totally understand. lol

Kristin said...

I just realized that there are whole sentences that were left out of my comment...

I meant to say that I talked to Bill about it & he thought I was crazy for wanting to do a play-by-play updates.

Yeah, the brain is pretty much zapped at this point.