Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor day
And no labor. Well, no baby labor but a whole lot of physical labor. We are 98% finished with all of our major home projects & I have to admit, I am quite impressed (not with myself, because I really didn't do squat - it was all Bill's hard work).

When we moved into this house, I was sick as you could be without dying & Bill had the flu. We basically just left everything in boxes until now (six months later). The closets were a huge mess with nothing hung up, but massive piles on the floor. Thankfully we have gigantic walk-in's & you would never notice unless you looked. The garage was lined with piles of boxes & random junk that needed to be organized. It was so cramped that we often couldn't open the doors to the car all the way - in our two car garage.

But! All of the baby gear is out of the garage & getting washed, the clutter is gone & it looks not only clean, but spacious. We have plenty of room to open the car doors. The closets are almost done - it won't take much to finish. We have pretty much everything that we need for Carter & set up, but I still need to decorate the nursery (which honestly, isn't top priority right now). He has his pac n' play set up in our room, his crib is put together, the changing table is built & everything is washed & put away. There are just ugly curtains in his room with bare walls. He doesn't know the difference.

So, a lot of hard work & very productive at that. At least we got these projects completed before the real Labor Day.


erica said...

Damn you have been busy!! We've got really nothing done yet (crib and changetable aside) and I know how lazy I am so baby will be here before I even get off my arse to do anything I need to do. LOL. Are you going to put up pix of Carter's room? And doing this the second time around, is there anything you're going to be doing differently than you did with Logan?

Kristin said...

Our main computer crapped out this morning, so I won't be able to connect to our network until Bill figures out what's going on. However, I do intend to take before & after pictures of Carter's room.

We didn't buy a dresser & decided to utilize the closet instead. So we have a couple of hanging organizers in there. We bought the crib second-hand & I thought it was a darker wood so it doesn't match the changing table that we had to buy (I hate changing diapers on the floor/bed). I really don't care that it doesn't match because it's not going to last more than 2 years anyway.

So, we're trying to spend the least amount of money as possible because it's just not going to last long. Once Carter is about Logan's age & into "Big Kid" furniture, then we'll spend the extra cash on quality bedroom furniture & accessories.

Other than not really caring about what kind of furniture we have for the nursery, I don't think we're doing anything differently.

OH! Except that Carter will not be vaccinated as a newborn & I'll re-evaluate this situation when he becomes mobile & putting things in his mouth.