Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting emotional
Now that we really are getting close to Carter's arrival, I'm beginning to get more choked up & teary-eyed at thought & preparation that I've been doing. I've been getting all of our pictures organized to get ready for the onslaught of newborn pictures that we're going to take, we're cleaning out the garage this weekend, I'm going to clean out the car, we'll get our closets purged & organized & the purchase final bits & pieces of things that we need to get for Carter (diapers, pick out a coming home outfit, etc). I'm also going to get the hospital bag packed & Logan's potential overnight bag packed too.

One thing that I am so excited about is our coming home party that I'm also getting ready for. It is SO IMPORTANT to me that we have some very special family time when we come home from the hospital, especially since I missed out on those moments with Logan. I do want it to be kind of a big deal without much effort. I'd rather not just come home with an anti-climactic feeling of "now what" or just going back to business as usual. So, we're going to have a little birthday party, or more like a family celebration. At the baby shower, one of my friends bought Logan the cutest "Big Brother" shirts that he'll wear & I'm going to make some cupcakes to freeze ahead of time. All Bill will have to do before picking us up is remembering to thaw out the cupcakes & possibly getting Logan a balloon. So, nothing extravagant, but simple & special (now I need some kleenex).

It's unbelievable that we are so close to becoming a family of four, a family with two boys. The pregnancy will be over with & I'll (hopefully) never have to worry about living with hyperemesis again. There are so many feelings, everything from excitement & anticipation to fear & doubt. But right now? Just thinking about our family makes me so happy & I can't wait for our littlest guy to join us.


Anonymous said...

Hospital Bag checklist - hope this helps!

erica said...

We're doing the cake thing too! I'm really looking forward to it, I so totally can't wait.

Dawn B said...

awww!! Yeah, I can definitely see why you're full of so many emotions!!! Being a family of four is such a huge challenge, but a blessed one for sure. I can't wait to keep reading your updates!!!

momto1 said...

I nominated you for an "I heart your blog" award. Stop by, pick it up, and share the love!

The birthday party sounds like a fantastic idea. I know when I came home with Stink it was a bit of a let-down. My parents did visit and bring him presents, which was great and made it special!

Kristin said...


Thanks for the link!