Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry to make everyone sit on the edge of their seats waiting for an update, but there's no Big News. We've made it to 37 weeks, so now Carter can come out without much worry. At my last OB appointment this week I was measuring two weeks behind & needed another ultrasound to see if fluid levels were OK. I went in yesterday & everything is fine. Plenty of fluid & Carter is measuring right on track. He's estimated to weigh about 6 pounds & something ounces right now, about the 40th percentile. I guess I'm just good at hiding babies.

The ultrasound technician was the same woman who did our 3D ultrasound & she remembered me & our stubborn little baby who didn't want to get his picture taken. She tried her hardest to get some extra pictures for me. Carter was being just as stubborn as he was during all of the other ultrasounds, but she did get an AWESOME picture that I just LOVE. Carter was flexing his bicep! This kid has guns on him already, no joke. His bicep has a baby peak & his forearms are pretty solid, too. We laughed when we saw this on the screen & I had to laugh even harder being a personal trainer. The technician wasn't surprised that I had been pulverized from the inside for the entire pregnancy as his picture not only shows him flexing, but in a boxer stance, ready to use my liver as a punching bag & on his tip toes with the ball of his foot pushing deep & hard on my ribs (again). I often referred to Logan as my little Olympic soccer player when he kicked the crap out of me, Carter is my little boxer.

Here is the 37th week belly picture overload & as usual, Logan was being especially cute (why he can't have this attitude during professional sessions is beyond me).

Ready for Carter to come out

Measuring small, but feeling huge


Hugs for Carter

Super Cute!

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