Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Misty-eyed with pictures
I've really been trying to help Logan get prepared & excited for Carter's arrival. We ask him about his little brother, if he's going to be a good Big Brother & help me out, ask him if he knows his little brother's name ("Sister!") & really just talk about Carter often.

Logan seems to be getting more & more excited as time goes on. He's fascinated with babies (& we've had quite a few born in The Club this year) & he smiles at them when they are in their infant seats. This morning at playgroup we had four babies, all younger brother/sisters of Logan's friends; a five month old, a four month old, a twelve week old & a three week old. He was curious about them all & happy that they were at playgroup with his pals. It was pretty cute. At the end while everyone was getting packed up & ready to leave, Logan went over & looked at one of the babies on the couch. "That's a nice baby", he said. Talk about adorable.

After playgroup I decided to find some videos of newborns so he could see what Carter would look like when he came home from the hospital. Logan sat with me excitedly, watching babies on the laptop. "Babies!", he shouted. "Baby sister! That's Carter!". Then he leaned over & patted my belly & gave his little brother a big hug. It melted my heart & of course I got teary & choked up.

On that note, here are the latest pictures of our little guy waiting for his Big Day at 33 weeks...


Anonymous said...

THat's too cute, i love how he keeps saying sister when you are having a boy. Kids are too cute.


Sarah said...


I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago and just thought I would leave you a comment.

You look wonderful and are definitely glowing!! I am looking forward to hearing all about the baby and more adventures with Logan!


Joanna said...

That's so sweet! You look great to be 33 weeks! I looked like a whale. ; )