Monday, August 04, 2008

I think everything is OK
This afternoon I had my ultrasound to see what's going on & why I'm measuring four weeks behind. I wasn't too nervous because all week long I haven't been thinking about it (other than Googling some stuff after I came home from my last OB appointment). I pretty much told myself that if anything is wrong, there's nothing I can do about it right now & worrying will only send me to labor & delivery for another shot to stop contractions. So, ignoring the fact that there might be something to worry about seemed to work (gee, no wonder why Bill does this coping skill so often).

The ultrasound technician was really nice. We chatted a bit & joked about raising boys. Then she got to measuring. She measured Carters head & I didn't notice any movement. I held my breath while she was telling me the anatomy that she was looking for. She moved the wand & I saw Carter's heart beating, giving me a rush of relief that I felt all the way down to my toes. She then tried to measure his abdomen. This took quite a while with a very long moment of dead silence, concentrated, quizzical looks & many re-measurements. This is where I began to worry again. I stayed silent, watching the screen until the technician told me that since there was little room for Carter to move around, it was difficult to get an accurate measurement. I just nodded.

She then moved on to his femur, which was also equally as difficult to measure. Apparently, my weird body shape is probably the main reason for measuring small. Carter was wedged up into my rib cage (even though he's dropped & head down) & I had to take a deep breath to open my rib cage & get him down a bit so she could measure. After a while, she got what she needed, told me that he was measuring fine, the amniotic fluid was good & everything looked great.

Huge relief. Huge, huge, huge.

I still go in tomorrow to see my OB to go over the results. I didn't think the tech would spill the beans (I didn't think they could), but I am so glad that she did. Now I can sleep well tonight, go about my day tomorrow as usual & look forward to a good visit with my awesome OB.


angie said...

Glad everything is okay!

Dawn B said...

Oh that's such awesome news!

Joanna said...

Great news!

erica said...

Oh I'm so glad everything is okay!! :)