Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I just look fat
I have a weird body shape where my hips are higher than average & my waist is pretty short. There's not much distance between my ribcage & my hipbones. This odd shape only gets worse during pregnancy. I feel both my hips AND my ribcage widening. I think my kids are confusing my diaphragm for my uterus. Just like with Logan, I'm carrying high so it doesn't look like I'm pregnant, I just look fat.

At least with this pregnancy, I don't really care so much about the body changes & I'm not bursting into tears when I see my butt in the mirror (even though it's not a pleasant site right now). I pretty much shrug my shoulders & tell myself that I guess I'll have some work to do in the gym after the baby is born. It's not a shocker. At least I know what I'm doing & it isn't going to take too long to get back into shape.

19 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant

27 months old & 20 weeks pregnant
This kid is all about hugging pictures - I love it!


Dawn B said...

My gosh..your belly is getting big!! And the hugging..too cute!!! =)

Joanna said...

I only wished that I could have gotten back into shape before having Kelsie...And my kids are years...apart!! You look great...And the two of you together...So sweet! In the pic of you and Logan, there is just no doubt that there is a pregnancy belly going on! I didn't look pregnant with Kelsie (only fat) until I was right at 6 months along.

erica said...

Man I love your belly shots! I look frickin huge (LOL) I'd give anything to still look so slender like you do!

I'm super jealous of the hugging shots too - mine doesn't do much in pictures except glare at the camera and then demand to see the photos. :S

girl from florida said...

You are so beautiful, Kristin! I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but you have such a gorgeous face (and body, obviously!). Like a classic kind of beauty. You remind me so much of my high school/ college best, best, best friend. Even though I was insanely jealous of her gorgeous-ness, I loved her to death!