Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Happy Day!"
This morning for Mother's Day I slept in & had some quiet time to myself while I got showered & ready for the day. Truthfully, Bill does this for me every morning, which is greatly appreciated. While I was in the shower Bill spent the morning teaching Logan how to say "Happy Mother's Day". I guess they had been rehearsing it for quite a while & when he thought Logan got it down, they both came into the bathroom to wish me a happy Mother's Day.

"Tell Mommy, Logan", Bill urged him. "Grrrrrr", he growled. "Say Happy Mother's Day", he tried again. A few more growls came out & in true boy fashion, Logan growled "Mother's Day". I had to laugh. It was too cute. After I got out of the shower, Logan was running around the bathroom "Happy Day! Happy Day!"

Logan & I went to the gym as usual for Sunday morning & came home to go out for lunch with Bill. Logan was exceptionally good & ate all of his lunch. Truly, the best Mother's Day gift ever. I would take a well behaved two year old over a vase of roses any day. My present is two-part; Bill & I went out for dinner on Friday night & I ate sushi to my hearts content (pregnancy-safe sushi, of course). We also stopped by Ben & Jerry's for sundaes. Next weekend we're going to plant flowers in the front yard together (because this weekend was supposed to be kind of crappy weather - but it's not really. Oh well).

I know many people think of Mother's Day as a "hallmark holiday". For the most part it is - the cost of roses goes up, stores are packed with a variety of cards, people search high & low for gifts to give, but really - it's only a bothersome, meaningless holiday to those who are not mothers. Being a mom is by far the most difficult journey I've ever taken in my life. I've never cried so much, had less sleep or spent so much time & energy to make sure Logan is healthy & happy. It's been utterly energy zapping, gray hair inducing & wrinkle causing, all the while being the most fulfilling, happy & exciting time in my life. It's a very yin & yang experience.

So while many people don't want anything on Mother's Day - I do. It means a lot to me that my family at some point in the year recognizes everything I do for us. It's not easy & the one day that I get a special thanks is really nice. Because after today, we go back to 364 days of just doing it.

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