Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel bigger than I look
Yesterday was the first time I felt uncomfortably pregnant. Heart burn, walking with a slight waddle, excessively tired & a belly in the way. Yesterday, I looked pregnant - not just fat. Then I take some pictures this afternoon & although I have more of a belly than the previous weeks, it's nothing that should slow me down. I guess I just feel bigger than I look & I have an amazing shrinking & growing stomach.

Logan was not able to join me in this picture series because he was refusing to nap & slamming his door a million times (bribes weren't working today). The smile on my face is that of a crazy mom about to snap. It's a good thing I feel more pregnant than I look because it stops me from running up the stairs to yell at him. I'm too tired to do anything & this makes it easier to ignore him, even though I'm sure he's about to bust a hole in the door. At this point - I don't care anymore. Whatever. He better be thanking his little brother for saving his butt.

What do you know?! I'm wearing something other than workout clothes!

See it now?

22 weeks pregnant


angie said...

The belly's coming along. Cute!

Joanna said...

Pictures are so sweet! You look amazing for 22 weeks!

Anonymous said...


Jaime said...

Wonderful pictures! ;) Thanks for sharing.

erica said...

You look gorgeous!! I soooo wish my belly looked like yours - I have this great honking thing that makes me look like a vertical whale. :(