Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 1
Well, this is going swimmingly. Swimmingly in pee, that is. While Logan is excited to use the potty & actually sits there for a short while (reading magazines, just like Dad!) he has yet to actually pee in the potty. I would ask him if he needed to use the potty about every 30 minutes & he would sit on there. After nothing happening, I would get him off & he would go play. A few minutes later, we would come waddling back in, whimpering about his wet pants & pee in his shoes.

We ran out of underwear & resorted to naked time.

That didn't help too much either. He still peed puddles on the floor. Granted, the good news was that he either peed himself while outside or while standing on the hardwood floors, thankfully saving our carpets & furniture, but he never told me that he had to go when he really had to go. He would just tell me at random times.

So, I'm not sure how this is working out.

It is only the first day & we decided that since the weather was crappy & we had no clean underwear for him (we really need to go buy a huge pack of Cars underwear rather than just two pair), it was back to diapers until us parents were better prepared. I'm going to make a trip to the store tomorrow for a bulk set of underwear & start looking for the "potty training in a day" & other potty training books recommended by some of the playgroup moms. We don't have any real plans for tomorrow, so we'll try again.

Another good sign is that while Logan really doesn't like wet pants (or pee on his leg), he is still enthusiastic about using the potty & keeps trying. He's been asking me about it all day today (still nothing going on other than asking). As long as it's something that he's asking me for rather than me telling him he has to do, I think we'll have a good shot at this. I just hope he's physically ready for it.


Alicia Seevers said...

I know that pull ups training pants are expensive, but that might be the avenue to try. That way he feels like he can pull them down, but if he wets it's not a major headache/clean-up for you.

I am a big believer that when they are ready it will happen. My oldest was not completely potty trained until almost 3 and I never forced the issue with her. The day she was fully trained she was done...never had an accident again.

I know that with another baby coming you would like to be out of diapers, but don't allow it to frustrate you, it's not worth it.

We NEVER consulted books and yes she wasn't completely trained until 3, but it was the most pleasant experience I ever went through. I'd rather change diapers or spend the money on pullups then deal with accident clean-up. But that's just me!

Jaime said...

I agree with alicia. I didn't have to use Pull-Ups with my daughter but with my oldest son we used them. They are bit expensive but they are so helpful and save so much hassle when you are trying to potty train.

I had 3 under 3 all in diapers. I know the drive to get at least one trained and ready before the next arrives. But with potty training it truly is all about the child being "ready". Once they are they usually take to it and that's that.

My youngest son is currently 3 and still isn't potty trained. He has began saying "potty" and will sit on the toilet but doesn't actually use the potty yet. So I've started the pull-ups on him and take him to the toilet at every request. That's what I did with my other two.

Another thing if you decide to go the Pull-Up's route. If you buy the larger package you usually will get a $2 coupon inside to use for your next purchase. I always used those up!