Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Turn that frown upside down
This afternoon after Logan woke up from his nap he ran outside to play, chase Buddha (who has lost a considerable amount of weight & no longer fits the "land walrus" nick-name), eat snacks & scream as loud as he could. We've been having a lot of stormy weather lately & not too long after he had gone out, thunder started rolling.

"Scared! Scared!", Logan came whimpering inside. I don't know where he got this, if it's innate to be scared of thunder or if it was something he learned in school, but it seemed like a learned reaction more so than a genuine fear. I reassured him that it would be OK, telling him it was just thunder & lightning. Boy, when he heard "lightning", everything changed - thanks to his Cars obsession, especially anything "Lightning McQueen" related.

So, we've been sitting on the couch watching some cartoons (because it's now too crappy to play outside) & every time lighting strikes & thunder rolls, he smiles a big smile & looks outside. This was an easy fear to conquer.

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