Saturday, May 03, 2008

A few things
On a lighter note, because the last two posts make it seem like Logan's a demon child & he's really not (just at the moment)...

We received a package from UPS the other day. It wasn't for us & after living here for about 3 months, we've still been getting these packages (5 to be exact). Anyway, I brought the box in & Logan instantly called it the "secret box". Another prime example of him remembering his cartoons because there is a Sponge Bob episode about a secret box. I had to laugh.

We've been adding a little variety to our snacks this last week & bought Logan some banana chips. He calls them "monkey crackers".

We went out for dinner tonight & Bill let Logan have a few sips of his Coke because he was getting antsy waiting for dinner. The carbonation feels really funny to him & the faces that he makes after every sip is priceless. His eyes get really wide & he gets a whole body shiver. Ice cream does the same thing because it's so cold. We had some pretty good laughs tonight.


Joanna said...

Kelsie does that whole wide eyes and body shiver thing...And she isn't fond of ice cream because it is "cold momma". So, she waits on her ice cream to melt some before dribbling it all over, haha.

Erin said...

LOL Love the "monkey chips" too cute!!