Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Bullets (because they work)
I've finally hit the wall enough where I feel like my muscles are made of a slow-setting cement. My brain hasn't been clear, I just want to sleep & it has nothing to do with the summer (yeah for central air!) but everything to do with being so close to the end of the pregnancy. So, here's some bullets!

  • Logan got stung by a yellow jacket for the first time on Friday. We have a BIG problem with a HUGE nest under the back deck & have tried everything other than an exterminator (which is our next step). We tell him often that "bee's bite" & to leave them alone. Well, I think he tried to pick one up & it stung the inside of his thumb. He cried for a short amount of time (shockingly) & his thumb swelled up pretty good. He was very good & sat on the couch with me to cuddle & ice his thumb to get the swelling down. We are very thankful that he didn't have a more severe reaction considering his allergy history.
  • Logan is definitely a growing boy. He is going through a growth spurt & is increasingly clumsy. He's tripped over his own feet, walked into walls & is covered in a new batch of bruises, cuts, scrapes & gouges.
  • I slept pretty much all day on Saturday. Bill let me sleep in really late (9:30!), then he took a nap while I took care of Logan the rest of the morning. When it was time for Logan's nap, I took one too & we slept for three & a half hours. I really needed the rest!
  • Hyperemesis seems to be making a comeback. On Saturday I had to up my meds because I lost my lunch. Oddly, getting sick & tossing my cookies no longer bothers me. It's old hat. Kind of sad now that I think about it. And gross.
  • I've been trying to take it easy these last couple of weeks, but have found that a whole day alone with Logan doing nothing is enormously much more stressful for me. So, on the days we have nothing going on I've been calling friends for playdates, which has been great. Logan can run off some energy with a pal & I can kick it & chat with my friends on their couch.

More interesting posts to come this week as I clear the fog from my head (yeah, right!)

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angie said...

Poor Logan with the bee sting - toothpaste, it takes the sting right out!